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Master Plan

The migratory changes in today’s societies give rise to a progressive decrease in the rural population and a greater overcrowding of cities with the problems that this entails.

Green Tech Model promotes a project to end the massive rural exodus by providing a quality of life and development in rural interior areas by providing resources, quality work, educational and technological development similar to those of big cities, with greater environmental sustainability.

Our proposal includes the creation of a high-performance complex of horticultural crops under technical greenhouses. This complex has modern infrastructures that provide complete areas of accommodation, work, education, commerce and logistics that cover all the possible needs of the population.

Master Plan Green Tech Model
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Green Tech Model Alliance

For the implementation of this project we have the association of companies involved in the development of all the areas that converge in this model.

Logo Almeria Model. Green Tech Model


A perfect and sophisticated method proven for years in the largest region of the world where the greenhouse industry has been applied intensively, with the application of the greatest scientific advances, for the creation of more, better and safer food for people . Its economic performance enriches society and producers in ways unknown until now.

Logo Tecnova Green Tech Model


Tecnova is a technological center for the auxiliary industry of agriculture, marketing and post-harvest and packaging technology that meets the needs of production, adding value from seeds, through greenhouse structures, agricultural machinery and packaging, and finishing in the transformation of minimally processed products.

Logo Happy People Homes. Green Tech Model


Urban space created as a new city to dignify the lives of families in a richer society, with better distributed resources, in a modern, clean environment and equipped with finished houses with good finishes, green areas, hospital, centers for the elderly, firefighters , etc.

Logo JFK Children Foundation. Green Tech Model


Early childhood education center, equipped with training in English and with computers and the most advanced international learning systems.
It is completed with sports facilities for children to complete their physical and spiritual training in generosity, companionship, discipline and effort.

Logo JFK Green Tech University. Green Tech Model


With a unique program of studies and courses, JFK Green Tech University is a world-class University. As a specialist in life and environmental sciences, the University offers programs in agronomy, feeding techniques, agronomy and industrial engineering and biological control.

Logo Cokopoint. Green Tech Model


Commercial and leisure center specially aimed at leisure and commercial activity of the society. It is the authentic social engine of the new population. In this center you can find shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas, gyms, library, etc.

Logo Regional Airpark. Green Tech Model


A complete aviation industrial park, with runways and facilities for the operation of large cargo planes, general aviation, medical aviation, training and maintenance centers and companies associated with aviation. It provides people with a strong communication tool and a powerful transport action for the main industry of the surrounding society.

Logo Obrascon Huarte Lain. Green Tech Model


Obrascon Huarte Lain (OHL) is a large international concession and construction group. With a centuries-old experience, both nationally and internationally, it is present in 30 countries on five continents.

Master plan. Green Tech Model
Master plan. Green Tech Model
Master plan. Green Tech Model
Master plan. Green Tech Model
Master plan. Green Tech Model
Master plan. Green Tech Model
Master plan. Green Tech Model
Greenhouses. Green Tech Model
Greenhouses. Green Tech Model

Yield of horticultural crops under technical greenhouses.

Vegetable production systems have been diversifying in order to increase yield, incorporating innovative technologies such as greenhouse structures, plastic covers, drip irrigation, hydroponic systems, etc. One of the main factors that determine the success of the crop is the substrate, since they constitute the medium in which the roots will develop, which have a great influence on growth and development.

The classic medium where to grow plants and the majority, is still the soil, this is due to the low economic and technological investment necessary for its operation.

Hydroponic cultivation

In technified greenhouses, the so-called hydroponic substrates tend to be used where the roots develop in environments other than the natural soil, for this, substrates of various materials are used, such as; coconut fiber, perlite and rock wool. A higher level of technology in the hydroponic system is the use of water as a medium where the roots develop, existing systems such as NGS. The NGS® system is based on the circulation of a nutrient solution, inside a set of polyethylene bands placed one on top of the other.

Hidroponics Culture. Green Tech Model
Modern Hidroponics Culture. Green Tech Model
Modern Hidroponics Culture. Green Tech Model

The bags are arranged in such a way that the nutrient solution, after traveling a stretch, more or less long according to the different models, discharges through a funnel into a drainage pipe that allows the recirculation of water and the leftover nutrients. It is a suspended hydroponic system, which works in a closed circuit, takes advantage of the drains and optimizes the water and fertilizers supplied to the crop with the nutrient solution.

Rock wool. Green Tech Model

The advantages of hydroponic systems with respect to the soil, is the possibility of being able to better control the contributions of nutrients and water, due to the fact that the uncertainty of the innate interactions produced in the soil matrix is ​​minimized. This means that with good hydroponic management, better productions and more performance are obtained.

Lettuce. Green Tech Model
Cucumber. Green Tech Modelber-green-tech-model
Tomato. Green Tech Model
Strawberry. Green Tech Model

Some data on the increase in production in hydroponic crops

Cucumber. Green Tech Model


Cucumber (7 months)


Tomato (10 months)

Peper. Green Tech Model


Pepper (9 months)

Strawberry. Green Tech Model


Strawberry (7 months)

Lettuce. Green Tech Model


Lettuce (3 months)

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Hidroponics Culture. Green Tech Model

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